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Lags Client
« on: December 23, 2017, 12:34:34 am »

Lags hacked client includes   


-=Unlocked Create Mode=-
Anyone can open Create Mode. You can't submit without a creator account but you can open Create Mode and learn how it

-=Unlocked Camera Widget=-
You can use the camera in places you couldn't before like the shop.

-=Decreased overall client size=-

-=No forced updates=-

-=90% Less Advertisements=-
 No ads in the home tab, when loading rooms or when checking your inbox

-=No Tracking=-

-=More ChatRoom Search Filters=-
Now you can search for empty rooms, rooms with only 1 user and many more
-=Increased Chat Invite Time=-

-=Removed Annoying ShopTogether Dialog When Loading Shop=-

 Extract any products assets even if your not the creator xmf,xaf,xrf,xsf,ogg ALL ASSETS

-=Free Items=-
 *use ######## Ability to use any product in the shop for free (Disclaimer)= Other people need the client to see it :)

( Windows Only )

If you want to purchase this software click the Buy button, Tell me what program, Ill send you instructions on payment



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